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L. Lee Saunders saunderl at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 12 03:04:26 CET 2010

I have a c++/cli application (.net 3.5) that I an adding IronPython to.  
In C# I can call the def (lets call it MyFunc) with this code:
Func<object> obj;
if (Scope.TryGetVariable("MyFunc", out obj)) { obj(); }
I tried this code:
System::Func<Object>^ obj;
if (scope->TryGetVariable<System::Func<Object>^>("MyFunc", obj))
But it seems that .net 3.5 c++/cli does not have Func<>.
Is there a way to do this in c++/cli?  Can this be done with a standard delegate? (I've searched the web - I found that maybe I could get Func<> from System.Core.dll, but  #using <System.Core.dll> mgenerates a compiler error.  Seems that System.Core.dll does not exist on my machine.)
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