[IronPython] Using builtin id in Ipy 2.6.1

Idan Zaltzberg idan at cloudshare.com
Mon Oct 4 12:07:02 CEST 2010


I have a very big application based on Ipy 2.6.1

We recently encountered a problem that the memory gets bigger and the system
gets sluggish over time.

Using windbg we have found that there are 1.6M objects of type

As I understand it, these are created whenever someone calls the builtin id
method on an object.

Except for assigning ids this also has the effect of maintaining a weakref
to the object inorder to allow a back reference from an id to an object.

We suspect this might cause some of our problems, and were wondering if
there is a way to use a cheaper (one-way) id method, since the
back-reference is rarely needed.

We could define one ourselves but that will not work with lib methods that
use id like copy.deepcopy and pickle.dumps.

Is there something we can do to simplify the call to id?

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