[IronPython] change in standard library behavior for compiled .exe/.dll???

Lukas Cenovsky cenovsky at bakalari.cz
Tue Oct 5 23:50:16 CEST 2010

  It's easy - just add the os.py to the build command with the correct path:

ipy.exe Tools\Scripts\pyc.py /target:exe /main:myprg.py /out:myprg 
myprg.py lib\os.py

You will probably need to add more references.

-- Lukáš

On 5.10.2010 23:27, Ken MacDonald wrote:
> I've been looking at the .exe's we built - using pyc.py - with IP 
> 2.5/.Net 3.5 and IP2.7 / .NET 4.0. In the 2.7 .exe, it appears that 
> the imports (like "os") are not being built into the .exe/.dll, but 
> instead are required to be imported in source form, e.g. "os.py" must 
> be somewhere on sys.path. In the IP 2.5 .exe's we had been building, 
> they would run fine on machines without the IP standard library 
> installed at all, in other words, with "os.py" not present on the 
> machine at all. We did notice that the .exe in question went from 
> being 2.9 MB in it's IP 2.5 incarnation, down to 1.2 MB in the IP 2.7 
> version, and the newer version requires that the source code for the 
> IP standard library be on the path. Is this a deliberate change in 
> behavior? We never had to package the standard library source when we 
> sent out .exe's to customers before
> >"os" is not an assembly but a Python module from the standard 
> library. You need to ensure >that the Python standard library (or the 
> parts that you use and their dependencies) is on the >path.
>     All the best,
>     Michael Foord
>>     and how do I ensure it gets found from my .exe - is there a
>>     specific env. variable, or the Windows %PATH% e.v., or something
>>     I haven't AddReference'd to????
>>     Thanks,
>>     Ken
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