[IronPython] Return value from Execute()

Mark Senko msenko at completegenomics.com
Mon Oct 11 19:40:09 CEST 2010

I'm trying to implement IronPython as a scripting enhancement to our

Part of the design is to have an interactive screen available.


When I call the Execute() method with a command typed in by the user,
an object is returned.

I can easily write this to my window using _pythonRes.ToString() if the
result is a simple type like Int32.

But I've had an impossible time trying to figure out how to iterate over
an IronPython.Runtime.List as returned by a command such as dir() since
it seems to not be enumerable.


Typecasting this object doesn't to an array or a List<> doesn't seem to


Any help would be appreciated.

Being new to IronPython, I'm also a little worried about other types
that I may not be aware of, yet!


This is how I obtain my return value:

ScriptEngine _pengine = Python.CreateEngine();
ScriptSource source = _pengine.CreateScriptSourceFromString(_pythonCmd,

var _pythonRes = source.Execute(_pscope);


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