[IronPython] Bug in copy module (really need help with this!) :)

Pablo Dalmazzo pablodalma93 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 12 20:00:07 CEST 2010

I just got another  error, no idea what triggered it but just reporting it anyway, it happened when copying another object with data from a sql server table.

line 191 
return memo[d]

object reference not set to object instance (sort of, Im translating it from spanish where it says "Referencia a objeto no establecida
como instancia de objeto")


From: pablodalma93 at hotmail.com
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Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 12:40:13 -0300
Subject: Re: [IronPython] Bug in copy module (really need help with this!) :)

Hi Michael,

yes, sorry, it's line 102. I have added a couple of lines to "fix" the 
problem with the module copy not copying System.DBNull types before, it 
looked like they worked with that problem. (and I erased the 
commentaries of the module) But this seems to be another problem.

I compared both files with Diffuse, the only lines I've added before are

import clr


import System 

(at the begining) 


 if args[0] is System.DBNull:

        y =  System.DBNull


        y = callable(*args)

in line 323 of the original file

P.S: this is old but I've read your article on dynamic scope for Python 
to do something similar to Ruby code blocks, that was quite cool for me :)

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 15:43:45 +0100
From: michael at voidspace.org.uk
To: users at lists.ironpython.com
CC: pablodalma93 at hotmail.com
Subject: Re: [IronPython] Bug in copy module (really need help with this!) :)


    On 12/10/2010 15:29, Pablo Dalmazzo wrote:
        we've found a bug in the copy
          module, but the real problem is we cant reproduce it. 
        Sometimes when we try to
          deepcopy an object of a custom object relation mapping type,
          we get this error
        "name types is not defined"
        Line 55:  
        for t in
    In my version of Python 2.6 this is line 102 of the copy module.
    Line 51 is "import types", so a "name types is not defined" error is
    most perplexing. Is it possible that you are using a custom version
    of the copy module?


    All the best,





        the other problem is in
          production server, where this error uses to happen
          sporadically, most times we dont get this message but an error
          message of the most outer module which calls the copy module,
          which is a generic message which tells us nothing 
        I know this is very little
          information to find a bug but, do you know of any bugs related
          to the module copy (aside it didnt copy System.DBnull which I
          believe it's not the one for this case)
        Greetings, Pablo Dalmazzo
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