[IronPython] The Road to 2.7 (Was: The Future of IronPython)

Tony Meyer tony.meyer at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 03:07:28 CEST 2010

> Right now, we need to identify what's not working in 2.7B1 that needs
> to be in 2.7 final. The best thing to do would be to identify any
> issues that are causing you pain and bring them up on the list.

How does the Visual Studio integration fit in to this?  Is it a
separate sub-project, or just a regular part of IronPython now?  IMO
it's a really important part of IronPython, and unfortunately still
very flawed (at least in a1 - I haven't had a chance to try b1 in
depth yet).

> Besides knowing what needs to be done, we need a rough timeline. I
> would like to see a release before the end of the year, or at least a
> solid release candidate with a possible release early next year.

+1 for by the end of the year, assuming that's possible.  Although 2.7
is the end of 2.x, there's no reason why there can't be reasonably
regular IPy 2.7 releases (e.g. filling in standard library gaps).


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