[IronPython] How to install IronPython Tools for Visual Studio?

Thomas Shanks tshanks at gatech.edu
Wed Sep 15 15:03:03 CEST 2010

I installed VS 2010 Integrated Shell and installed
IronPython-2.7A1.msi with the IronPython Tools option selected in
Setup.  As per the instructions, I am looking for the
IronPythonTools.vsix file to install IronPython Tools for Visual
Studio 2010.  I do not see it, or any other related VSIX file,
anywhere.  Has the procedure changed with the most recent version?  If
so, where is the vsix file hiding, or what does one do to install, and
then start, IronPython Tools for VS?

Thank you for your assistance,

Thomas Shanks
Georgia Tech

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