[IronPython] How to install IronPython Tools for Visual Studio?

Thomas Shanks tshanks at gatech.edu
Wed Sep 15 19:12:31 CEST 2010

> The VSIX no longer exists

Can the walkthrough (the only documentation I can find) be updated accordingly?

> Did you see that option when you installed 2.7A1?

I ran the installer before I installed VS Shell the first time and it
was not there.  I then installed the Shell and looked for the VSIX to
install.  Not seeing it, I reran the IP install, thinking it looked
for the Shell before providing the VSIX.  This time I saw the option
you describe (unchecked by default).  I selected it and reinstalled.

I then restarted VS 2010 Shell and still do not see the IronPython
project types in the new solution or new project windows.

What should I try next?

Thomas Shanks

On 9/15/10, Thomas Shanks <tshanks at gatech.edu> wrote:
> I'm not sure what you mean by "for free".  I've tried starting VS 2010
> Shell and looking for the solution / project types.  They aren't in
> there.  Did you do anything to install the plug-in?  Where is the
> plug-in located on your system?
> Thomas Shanks
> Georgia Tech

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