[IronPython] VS 2010 Integrated Shell question

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Wed Apr 13 20:00:56 CEST 2011

Lukáš wrote:
> Thanks Markus, for the explanation.
> So, basically, if I buy the VS 2010 Professional, I'll get both, the IronPython
> tools support as well as the ability to design WPF or WinForms applications?

There is no WinForm designer support in Python tools - we just have a simple
template for creating a WinForms app but you'll have to write all of the UI code
by hand. This is because the WinForms designer is actually very heavily built
around round-tripping statically typed code to generate the UI.  We did do this
w/ IronPython 1.x in IronPythonStudio and someone could port this forward to
IpyTools if they really wanted to - but it was very ugly and involved lots of 
decorators and other gunk to keep VS happy.

I just tried the WPF support in the integrated shell and that does work - here's
the screen shot to prove it: http://i.imgur.com/AWE62.png  WPF is awesome in
contrast to WinForms because everything's in the XAML and therefore we just
need to add a little bit of integration to make the XAML load nicely in Python.

There was the bug in Beta 1 of PTVS where the toolbox was broken in the WPF
designer but this  should just work with Beta 2 or if the original IpyTools.  But 
either way VS Pro won't buy you much in terms of UI designer support.

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