[IronPython] IronPython Tools v2.7 - Console Application - custom ipy.exe

Dave Wald davew252 at tx.rr.com
Sun Apr 24 18:05:36 CEST 2011

Hey CB -
You might have a look at how IPython does it.
They have a pretty good walkthrough on integrating it, and IPython ain't 
no slouch.
Only problem is, it depends on GNU readline (Or, in this case 
PyReadline, which is not DLR-aware at this point and needs some work) 
for auto-completion etc., so you have to disable that part. You can turn 
that off in config.
But aside from that, the rest of it works just fine with IronPython.
(I'm just an old country programmer :-) , but I didn't have too much 
trouble getting it to work.)
There's also Sho, from MS Research, but the source code is not 
available. But I'll tell you now, they embed IronPy and have a lot of 
hardcoded stuff in the hookups... Probably not the best example.
But check out the IPython example.
Here's a link to an earlier post on the topic which explains what I did.
Hope that helps.


On 4/21/2011 3:14 PM, cbsiftcb at gmail.com wrote:
> I am using the IronPython Tools (v2.7) with Visual Studio 2010, which 
> works great. I have a need to use a custom shell vs. the standard 
> shell (ipy.exe) for debugging. The custom shell better emulates our 
> business application reducing possible development vs. production issues.
> Is there a way to point the IronPython console project to a custom 
> shell similar to SharpDev?
> If not, suggested workarounds?
> Thanks!
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