[Ironpython-users] ImportError: No module named codecs

John Gietzen otac0n at gietzen.us
Tue Aug 2 03:27:53 CEST 2011

I'm trying to compile Pygments to be called from a C# library, but I've come
accross a few hurdles.

The first was an issue with function calls with more that 13 arguments
throwing an error stating that the compiler is "Unable to make a reference
to a transient module from a non-transient module."  See:
There is a previous issue saying that it was fixed in 2.7.1b1, but it still
fails with the 150 argument call that is present in Pygments.

Now, I've run into a brick wall.  I cannot get IronPython to import the
`codecs` module, no matter what I try.  Using reflector, I can see that a
class the module exists in "IronPython.Modules", nut there doesn't seem to
be a `[assembly: PythonModule]` attribute for it.
Even in the interactive console when I try to simply execute `import codecs`
I get a message saying "ImportError: No module named codecs".

I have noticed that there is a "_codecs" module, but it does not have e.g
the `open` method.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,
John Gietzen
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