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Here's your Daily Digest of new issues for project "IronPython".

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1. [New issue] Executing c# code
2. [Status update] Executing c# code



1. [New issue] Executing c# code
User Mallikarjun_Gouda has proposed the issue:


I am new to this python language. I have a requirement for my project. Any help is much appreciated.

I have a silver light application where the users can write simple expressions with/without using the variables/parameters. 
*)An expression can be a simple assignment of the current date time to the variable.
*)Some simple string operation on the variables.
*) Evaluating the expression to determine the outcome & then update the result to the variables based on the outcome of the expression.

This expression will be saved in the database. Then i have a windows service (Build on .NET 4.0) which reads the invoices & generates the results by evaluating the expression saved in the database by passing the variable values to the expression.

Since the expression are not predefined & are built dynamically i need a way to execute them at runtime. After going through some readings, i understand that IronPython/IronRuby languages are dynamic languages which can be used from .NET code. 
Can I get some hint on how can I achieve this.


2. [Status update] Executing c# code
User slide_o_mix has updated the issue:
Status has changed from Proposed to Closed with the following comment, 

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