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Hi Dino,


Thanks a lot. It's working reasonably well now. It would be nice to have
more comprehensive documentation of these classes, as it is quite a hassle
to extract the variables. I'm now extracting the assignment statements from
the script, but excluding those that are inside function bodies. In the
expression, I get al name expressions and then remove the function names
(call expressions targets) and the global variables. Thanks a lot for your


With best regards,

Rutger Koperdraad


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Subject: RE: [Ironpython-users] PythonAst


I'd suggest adding a method in the walker which handles AssignmentStatements
and looks to see if the left-hand side is a NameExpression.  If it is then
you can add it to a list of excluded variable names which you can remove
from clnVariableNames after the walk is finished.


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Subject: [Ironpython-users] PythonAst




I'm writing an application in Visual Basic .NET that allows the users to
write scripts in IronPython for some specialized customization needs. Users
provide a script, a number of variable names and values, and an expression.
For example, to customize the displaying of dates, they could provide the
following script, variables and expressions:



dateformat = 'dddd d MMMM yyyy'

prefix = 'Birth date: '


def format(d):

  import System

  dd = System.DateTime.Parse(d)

  return dd.ToString(dateformat)



birthdate = '10/04/1968'



prefix + format(birthdate)


In Visual Basic .NET I create a ScriptRuntime, ScriptEngine, ScriptSource
and ScriptScope. I add the variables to the ScriptScope, execute the script
and evaluate the expression. That's working like a charm.


I would like to add functionality that automatically detects which variables
need to be defined. In the above example, I would like the user to specify
the script and the expression and the software to detect that the variable
"birthdate" is needed and prompt for a value. I tried to do so with
PythonAst, but I cannot find sufficient documentation on internet to get it
working in general. The functions below work to some extent. They get all
the names from the expression and then remove "format" for being a function
name and not a variable name. But this function still returns "prefix",
which it shouldn't. Any help or documentation would be appreciated.


    Public Function GetVariableNames(ByVal strExpression As String) As


            If Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(strExpression) Then


                ' Create a script runtime if needed

                If m_objScriptRuntime Is Nothing Then

                    m_objScriptRuntime =

                End If


                ' Create the objects needed by the expression walker

                Dim objEngine As ScriptEngine =

                Dim objSource As ScriptSource =

                Dim objSourceUnit As SourceUnit =

                Dim objLanguageContext As LanguageContext =

                Dim objCompilerContext As New CompilerContext(objSourceUnit,
objLanguageContext.GetCompilerOptions(), ErrorSink.Default)

                Dim objParser As Parser =
Parser.CreateParser(objCompilerContext, New PythonOptions)

                Dim objPythonAst As PythonAst =

                Dim objExpressionWalker As New ExpressionWalker


                ' Determine the variable names

                Call objPythonAst.Walk(objExpressionWalker)


                Return objExpressionWalker.VariableNames

            End If

        Catch ex As Exception

            Call LogException(strExpression, ex)

        End Try


        Return New StringCollection

    End Function


    Private Class ExpressionWalker

        Inherits PythonWalker


        Private clnVariableNames As New StringCollection


        Public ReadOnly Property VariableNames As StringCollection


                Return clnVariableNames

            End Get

        End Property


        Public Overrides Sub PostWalk(node As NameExpression)

            Call clnVariableNames.Add(node.Name)


            Call MyBase.PostWalk(node)

        End Sub


        Public Overrides Sub PostWalk(node As CallExpression)

            Dim objNameExpression As NameExpression = TryCast(node.Target,


            If Not objNameExpression Is Nothing Then

                Call clnVariableNames.Remove(objNameExpression.Name)

            End If


            Call MyBase.PostWalk(node)

        End Sub


    End Class


With best regards,

Rutger Koperdraad.

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