[IronPython] indentation in VS2010

Daniel Jennings danielj at arena.net
Wed Feb 2 21:38:47 CET 2011

No problems  here; I do all of my IronPython work in VS2010 and nothing stands out as weird in the editor. We use 4 spaces for tabbing, though, if that matters.

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Hi there,

I just wanted to ask you if  you get python missidentations when using VS2010 ultimate. I'm not reporting you to fix anything because it might be indeed VS2010 managing differently something, I just wanted to know if you get this behavior so I can confirm where it comes from and may be you know how to avoid it or workaroundit

We use webforms. I suspect it's VS2010 because we didnt have these problems before (and before we used VS2008). We dont get this problems using the cPython idle either.

I dont know if it's when we copy and paste pieces of code or what, but sometimes we have to open the files with another editor to fix the missindentations and it gets really annoying sometimes. I wouldnt be surprised if it's VS2010 because we are having other problems with it too.

Greetings, Pablo

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