[IronPython] Loading a static lib a second time in hosted ironpython

Brian Ashcroft BRIAN.ASHCROFT at asu.edu
Thu Feb 3 17:00:05 CET 2011


   I have an ironpython instance running within my application.  This
instance is used to control the application.  I have a math dll that I
reference in the hosting application that I would like to be able to use
also in the ironpython scripting.  However, I get error messages when I
try to add the reference.  I have tried the ironpython console (ipy.exe)
in the application directory and the dll loads just fine and is
completely usable, but when I try the following code in the application,
I get an error



import clr


from MathHelpLib import *




With the error:

Could not add reference to assembly MathHelpLib

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