[IronPython] [Ironruby-core] Preparing 1.1.2 release

Tomas Matousek Tomas.Matousek at microsoft.com
Tue Feb 8 06:46:33 CET 2011

Re binaries - 3 flavors are currently built:

1)      Desktop CLR 4.0 (.NET FW 4.0, Mono 2.10)

2)      Core CLR 4.0 (Silverlight 4.0, Moonlight)

3)      Core CLR 3.0 (Windows Phone 7)

So yes, the binaries should be equivalent. They won't be byte-for-byte equal, but should functionally be the same. So should be binaries built on Windows using Microsoft C# compiler or Mono C# compiler.

Re packaging and build automation: Sync with Jeff Hardy who maintains IronPython. We should have one solution for both languages.


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Great! I spent some time to make xbuild happy :), I'm glad it works on non-Windows boxes as well.

Thanks for that really :)

I've got a question wrt the build script we could set up: are the resulting binaries different if I compile from Mac OS X, as compared with Ubuntu ?

If they are identical, I could work on provisioning a Vagrant box with all that is required to generate the builds on Ubuntu automatically.

This would let anyone with access to Vagrant (and I think it works on Windows too for the host) with the ability to automate the builds and tests for IronRuby on *nix, and we could also push this to a VPS instance later on so that we keep fresh automated binaries for OS X / Ubuntu etc.

Are the resulting binaries identical ?

I filed a couple of Mono bugs (crashes) yesterday:
So this might be hitting one of them. Or another. I guess we can either wait until these are fixed and try again or try to narrow the Rubygems crash down to a simpler repro.

I'll wait a bit, given my current free time, but I will definitely try again later on (feel free to ping me if you want to try things out later on, by email or gtalk thibaut.barrere at gmail.com<mailto:thibaut.barrere at gmail.com>).

-- Thibaut

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