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[Including IronRuby list].

We have a script in Msi directory called harvest.rb. This is used by another scripts Msi\Python\generate_wxis.rb and Msi\Ruby\generate_wxis.rb that launch it with Python and Ruby specific parameters, respectively. The generated .wxi files fully describe the files and directory hierarchy that is created by the Windows installer on the target machine. I think you can easily run them thru a script that converts them to whatever format you need. They are just XML files.

Would it be possible to create a script (Python or Ruby) that builds RPM package and runs on Windows as well? This would allow us to build new releases in one pass on a single machine and just publish the Mac packages on CodePlex next to .msi's.

Let me know if you had any issues.


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Hello Folks,

First let me thank you for making IronPython easy to compile on Mono.
I'm the release manager for the Mono Project at Novell and I'm currently working on packaging IronPython and IronRuby for openSUSE (also to be included in the Mono Mac framework package). Where I've run into trouble is the stdlibs for both. I can see that the -Bin.zip contains a Lib directory with various standard libraries in it but I don't see how I can reliably and repeatably get that exact content into my RPM packages (short of including the -Bin.zip in the build).

Is there a script of some sort that takes the appropriate files from the correct source and puts them where I need them (the script used to build the -Bin.zip perhaps?)

Andrew Jorgensen
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