[IronPython] Arright dangit! Where is the OFFICIAL IronPython source code?

Vernon Cole vernondcole at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 00:03:47 CET 2011

Or we can find the bloke who is not keeping Ubuntu Mono and Iron Python
releases up to date and kick his....
errr...  ummm....  (mumble)...
  It is pretty weird that the distro which always has the latest of
everything is the one with the old IPy/Mono, where the one which is NEVER up
to date (RHEL) has it.  I'll do some investigating.  I'm afraid my
experiences with SUSE and Red Hat are what drove me to Ubuntu. I do almost
all of my open source work on a laptop, and there is a limit to what I dare
ask it to do.  Two operating systems and six IDEs/languages are pushing it a
bit.  Running VM would be over the top.  Perhaps I can set up another
desktop when I get home.
  Thanks for the advice.

On Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 2:48 PM, Steve Dower <s.j.dower at gmail.com> wrote:

> Ubuntu doesn't have the latest version of Mono, which is required for
> the .NET 4.0 equivalent compiler (dmcs). You would have to build Mono
> from sources to get it. Alternatively, most other distributions seem
> to use the latest version (in particular, OpenSUSE and RHEL are
> actively supported by Mono). You can get a ready-made OpenSUSE VM from
> the Mono site.
> You may not even need to build IronPython using Mono. I'm using
> msbuild binaries on OpenSUSE at the moment and haven't had any issues
> (yet).
> Also, buying a Mac for testing appears to be the only option, since
> they don't allow the use of MacOS in VMs (legally, anyway). (I'm sure
> that will be taken into consideration when setting up CI, right...?)
> On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 08:41, Vernon Cole <vernondcole at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I agree with all of  you.  I was trying to get something that works in
> the
> > default case (no switches, IronPython on Windows).
> > I am not really equipped to test the other options. I'ld like to, but I'm
> > not going to run out and buy a Mac just to test on.  (If only I could.)
> > If it only works in the default case, but not the edges, it's better than
> > not working at all, IMHO.
> >
> > I'll spend more time working on it, then learn to make a patch file (last
> > time I tried, Mark could not read it, and I ended up sending him the
> whole
> > text) and re-submit.
> >
> > Will someone please volunteer to help me figure out why I can't build IPy
> on
> > Ubuntu?  I'll pay the phone/connection charges.
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