[IronPython] GSoC 2011: Interested Students

Afriza N. Arief afriza.n.a at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 00:59:35 CET 2011


I think mentoring organizations don't need to "get students" before applying
for GSoC.

This will allow students who didn't know about the mentoring organization to
join and start knowing and contributing.

It will also be hard for students like me to contact potential organizations
and check for potential projects before the organizations are accepted and
listed in GSoC website.

Once the organizations are accepted, students can browse, discover, and join
the project that he never knew it exists.

So I think you should just apply for it. What more Google wants to get more
organizations and students this year.

It will be a waste if you don't apply.


Afriza N. Arief
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