[IronPython] IronPython Hosting ?

Bill Chiles billchi at microsoft.com
Mon Feb 28 22:52:32 CET 2011

Hi, Mark.  Yes, I do work at Microsoft, and while I have numerous email address I could have used to dup you with, I see no reason to be untoward.  Hopefully I can answer your inquiries about my questions, and I'm sorry my mail was confusing.

As some people are aware, the hosting APIs are general to the DLR and are not specific to IronPython.  They are one of the more baked areas of the DLR that did not ship in .NET 4.0.  I personally would like to consider use cases of the DLR Hosting APIs and what might make sense as general language hosting APIs.  My asking about the kind of host app helps shed light on what sorts of scenarios would be useful to people around hosting; answers simply add more useful insights on the problem domain and isn't at all about whether an app is worthwhile.


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Hmmm .... Didn't Microsoft dump support of IronPython? ( I notice that's your email address)

*Bill, what are your goals for asking how we use hosting?
*Why does it matter what the purpose of my application is, as long as I feel it is worthwhile?
*I'm still discovering the features I have available, and lamenting those I don't.

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I'm trying to gather information and concrete examples about IronPython hosting.  I'll sift through some of the old email, but I'd super appreciate if you could send me some info about hosting IronPython if you're doing that.  The questions I'd have are:

* Briefly what are your goals for hosting (e.g., app scripting for users, biz rule execution, feature development of your app, etc.)?
* What kind of host application do you have, or what is its main purpose?
* Briefly what are the key features of hosting that you count on or use (e.g., supplying host globals to the hosted IronPython code, accessing IronPython variables, interop with the dynamic objects, namespace isolation with scopes, multi-instanced ScriptRuntime in an AppDomain, etc.)?

I really appreciate your time and responses!



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