[IronPython] autocompletion (intellisense) for clr.AddReference

Daniel Jennings danielj at arena.net
Fri Jan 7 07:16:30 CET 2011

I have a feeling that getting autocompletion/intellisense for CLR libraries referenced that way is not a trivial task, though it's probably not impossible. What we ended up doing is writing a Python 'pretend' module for our CLR assembly and importing that, but doing trickery so that the names actually resolve to the CLR assembly at runtime, so the Python module is only used to assist in the autocompletion. If you want I can get the specific details on how you can 'trick' the IDE into looking at the Python script but actually reference the assembly.

SNS DAS <dasneutron at gmail.com> wrote:


I am using VS 2010 and IronPython 2.7B1 and noticed that
autocompletion works for "native" (Iron)Python modules (e.g. math).

However when I try to import a 'dll' module
# #### Program.py
import clr
from ClassLibrary import *

x = SomeClass()
x.Value = 1

I get a "syntax" error
(syntax error)

The "dll" module is a simple class library C# project

#ClassLibrary C# (output to ClassLibrary.dll)
namespace ClassLibrary
    public class SomeClass
        public int Value = 0;
        public SomeClass() {}

Is there a "hidden" setting or some other magic that one needs to
perform in order to enable autocompletion for dll modules?



I just noticed that

import System.Text as text
text.<TAB>   produces autocompletion list


import System.Text
System.Text.<TAB> does not

What the heck?
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