[IronPython] how to build ironpython on ubuntu from sources?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sun Jan 9 06:43:09 CET 2011

> So, how do I create a sandboxed app-domain based on Silverlight model on
> Mono?

This is a complicated process, it involves initializing the C runtime
specially, creating special versions of the libraries (special attributes
injected in the various libraries), declaring things appropriately and so
on.   It is not a general purpose system for securing apps.

> Wouldn’t it be better to add the method and throw NotSupportedException so
> that programs can compile and at runtime decide not to call the method? I
> guess a workaround would be to use dynamic calls...

Well, I can add the method, but if you call it, it will still crash.

So the test suite should perhaps not depend on this feature if we want to
run it on Linux/Unix.

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