[IronPython] Rescue clause?

Daniel Jennings danielj at arena.net
Mon Jan 10 19:22:40 CET 2011

Is there some sort of crazy IronPython rescue keyword, or is this just from an IronRuby copy/paste? From http://ironpython.net/documentation/dotnet/ :

Given that raise results in the creation of both a Python exception object and a .NET exception object, and given that rescue can catch both Python exceptions and .NET exceptions, a question arises of which of the exception objects will be used by the rescue keyword. The answer is that it is the type used in the rescue clause. i.e. if the rescue clause uses the Python exception, then the Python exception object will be used. If the rescue clause uses the .NET exception, then the .NET exception object will be used.

When I googled it I only ran into Ruby docs discussing 'rescue', so I am assuming that this is just unclear/incorrect...
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