[IronPython] Adding Unit Tests

Richard Nienaber rjnienaber at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 19:17:34 CET 2011

I've got a pull request
<https://github.com/IronLanguages/main/pull/7>waiting that at least
gets the TestRunner to run. It fixes up some bugs and
disables some tests in the configuration file where missing directories
caused it to crash.


On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 5:49 PM, Dino Viehland <dinov at microsoft.com> wrote:

> Jeff wrote:
> > On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 10:22 AM, Tomas Matousek
> > <Tomas.Matousek at microsoft.com> wrote:
> > > IronRuby doesn't use the test runner. IronRuby's harness is written in
> Ruby
> > (Languages\Ruby\Tests\Scripts\irtests.rb). It's run by a previous
> IronRuby
> > version checked in to Util\IronRuby.
> >
> > So is there any value whatsoever in keeping the TestRunner around? If
> there
> > isn't, I'll look into porting the IronPython test infrastructure to use
> unittest.
> As long as all of the tests we want to run keep running there's no reason
> to keep
> TestRunner - it was just a way to run all of the same tests we ran before
> w/o
> relying upon internal MS infrastructure.
> I'm not sure how many of the DLR tests we'll still want to run but I
> imagine we can
> just wrap them in unittest and have it run the EXEs.
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