[IronPython] Working towards IronPython 2.7 RTM

Jeff Hardy jdhardy at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 05:45:18 CET 2011

Hi all,
I've been thinking about what we need to do to get IronPython 2.7 to
RTM status, and the biggest stumbling block I have is that I don't
really know what people think of Beta 1. Most of the issues with B1
specifically are related to the installer and should be easy enough to
fix. There are lots of open issues, but many of them have already been
fixed in previous releases (and a HUGE shout-out to Richard for his
work triaging those) and many of those that haven't are pretty tough
to crack. However, there is still some low-hanging fruit that could be
dealt with even by those who aren't familiar to the project..

What do people need to get started contributing? Would a list of
"easy" bugs help? Is anyone not comfortable coding interested in doing
documentation? What about working on triaging bugs - much of which is
just writing/running test cases and determining if the bug even still
exists? Would having a bug sprint day/weekend/week interest anyone?
Any other ideas?

The big problem is that we don't have any CI infrastructure set up to
run the tests and make we haven't broken anything. Honestly, I don't
know what we're going to about that.

I'll take care of the installer and its associated issues. I'm also
willing to manage the whole release process. There are still a bunch
of things that need to be sorted out, but I think it's been too long
since IronPython had a release.

We're going to need at least one more beta/RC before release. I'd like
to tentatively aim for a mid-February release for that, and a
late-Feb/early-March release of 2.7 final.

- Jeff

P.S. To make this easier, please vote on
http://codeplex.codeplex.com/workitem/25398. Thanks!

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