[IronPython] opening an exe with iron python

Bob White bob at luxvfx.com
Thu Jan 20 01:40:39 CET 2011

Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new to python, let alone Iron Python and of course I've bitten
off more than I can chew.  I'm trying to get our rendering client Deadline
to run a post render job on the frame it's just finished rendering.  I have
already written a separate python script using python 2.6 that does the post
render job manually, but in order to automate it I need to convert my
existing script into Iron Python friendly code because that's what Deadline

The existing script is works like this (I'm sure this is error loaded and
obvious n00b script, so any input would be hugely appreciated):

converter = subprocess.Popen([r"C:/Program Files/Chaos Group/V-Ray/Maya 2011
for x64/bin/vrimg2exr.exe", inFile, outFile],stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
print converter.communicate()[0]

The version of Iron Python that Deadline uses doesn't have the subprocess
module built into it, and I don't really want to install Python 2.6 on the
whole farm but if I need to, I need to.  Any ideas on a similar method for
opening and supplying an exe with two arguments that doesn't use the
subprocess module??

I've been trying to get the ScriptUtils.ExecuteCommandAndGetOutput() to
work, but it doesn't work like I'm expecting it to.  I always wind up with
"expected StringCollection, got String" or "got tuple"...

Really, any help would be amazing.  Thanks
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