[IronPython] Ref to "." to be omitted from sys.path. Objections?

Daniel D. dvdotsenko at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 09:32:34 CET 2011



A example / proposed patch attached to the bug.

As in all things in life, there are always special cases. In case of
IPY reference to "current dir" (not the script's folder path) was
attached twice to sys.path.

As the bug reporter mentioned, it's a security issue and IPY did this
in deviation from cPy. cPy indeed does not include CWD ref into
sys.path when ran with a script file as an arg.

However If someone went through all the trouble of adding current path
(once as "." and once fully resolved) to the sys.path there must be
something somewhere depending on it in IPY family and will likely blow
up without that.

How much of a taste is there to go along with the dropping of the
references to current working dir from sys.path?


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