[IronPython] Working towards IronPython 2.7 RTM

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Mon Jan 24 04:32:49 CET 2011

Jeff wrote:
> For a nice easy fix to start with, take a look at
> http://ironpython.codeplex.com/workitem/29928. You can either attach a
> patch to the issue, or (preferably) create a fork on GitHub and send us a pull
> request.

Here's some other bugs which look like they might be good to start on.  Many of these are bug 28171 which is a catch-all bug for new tests in 2.7 that are broken.  You can search the test dirs for these but here's the ones which looked like they could be easy with a couple more difficult ones mixed in.  It also might be something good to pursue or triage away before 2.7 RTM.

		Couple of issues in here, first one might be easily fixed by adding setters which throw the correct exception, 2nd one might be implementing __reduce_ex__ directly on partial objects or maybe the stack trace will make the issue obvious.
	Test_struct: these look fairly straight forward, and will just be dealing w/ one module implementation in IronPython.
Runtime libraries:
	Test_repeat in test_index.py (in the CPython test repro)
	Test_float_to_string in test_types.py
		Could be hard or easy but it's certainly easy to investigate - you just need to look at the string formatter code and see what it turns %g into.
		There's more string formatting failures in here as well which could be fairly easy
		Test_format.py has more string formatting bugs which could be fairly straight forward
	Test_xrange: this one even mentions the function which is broken

Runtime types (these may be a little more difficult):
	Test_descr.py and test_collections.py both have some interesting failures around the type system and descriptors.  Some of these may be easier (e.g. test_classmethods in test_descr.py) than others but might be interesting to look at for someone more interested into the type system side of things.

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