[IronPython] Cannot import 'Networkx' into Ironpython

Federico Vaggi vaggi at cosbi.eu
Tue Jan 25 16:31:51 CET 2011


I am a very new user to Ironpython, so hopefully I am not missing 
anything obvious.  I read the FAQ and searched the Ironpython site and I 
couldn't find a solution to the problem I was having.

I have installed both CPython 2.7 and Ironpython 2.7 (the alpha version) 
and I am interested in using the networkx library 
(http://networkx.lanl.gov/) under Ironpython.

I installed networkx here:


using the cpython interpreter, the installation worked fine:

 >>> import networkx as nx
 >>> G=nx.Graph()
 >>> G
<networkx.classes.graph.Graph object at 0x02C04250>

if I try to use the ironpython interpreter:

I get a:
File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
ImportError: No module named networkx

I tried manually adding the site.py file, to add networkx manually to 
the path, but even after adding it (and checking that it shows up in 
system.path) ironpython still doesn't see it.

Anyone have useful advice here?

Thank you very much,


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