[IronPython] ANN: Pyjama, DLR-based IDE and shell

Doug Blank doug.blank at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 18:10:51 CET 2011

Dear IronPython list,

Announcing the Pyjama Project, version 0.2.5. Pyjama is an IDE and
shell similar to IDLE, except that it is designed for multiple
languages. It can support any DLR-based language (given a small Python
wrapper), and other languages as well.

It comes with IronPython, IronRuby, and Sympl (as a demonstration), a
not-yet-too-serious version of Scheme, and the beginnings of a
drag-and-drop language, called Dinah.

* Pyjama is written in IronPython
* The GUI is implemented in Gtk#
* It runs (via Mono) on all platforms (might run under .NET, with
Gtk#---haven't tried yet)
* Uses Mono.TextEditor for color syntax highlighting, etc.
* Switch between languages with a keystroke (control+1 is Python,
control+2 is Ruby, etc)
* Designed for introductory CS courses, but allow use for power scripting users
* Planned extensions for pedagogical uses (lectures, chat, interactive
quizzes, etc)
* integrated cross-language modules (graphics, neural networks,
robotics, etc) written in C#
* Pyjama Scheme is a fully proper tail-call optimized Scheme, written
in Scheme and translated to C#
* Cross-language support: Python can call Scheme's recursive
functions, without stack; Scheme can call and access DLR functions and

We are looking for testers to try Pyjama out, and give ideas and
feedback. What would you put into a Scripting Environment, if you
could do anything? Let us know!

For more information, please see:



The Pyjama Project has been partially funded by Microsoft Research and
the National Science Foundation.

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