[IronPython] Calling ReportViewer.ServerReport.Render from IronPython

Pablo Dalmazzo pablodalma93 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 28 14:29:21 CET 2011

Hi there,
Im not sure this is something related to IronPython doing something differently, but we are trying to call
ReportViewer.ServerReport.Render  from IronPython and we get  "expected Reference,but found null"
We call it this way in VB.NET 
exportBytes = ReportViewer1.ServerReport.Render("PDF",Nothing,mimeType,encoding,fileNameExtension,streamids,
and in IronPython
exportBytes = ReportViewer1.ServerReport.Render("PDF",None,mimeType,encoding,fileNameExtension,streamids,
When a method from a .NET component like that expects Nothing, is it the same to pass None in IronPython? can you fill me inthe differences?
BTW, if you want some points in stackoverflow, you can answer me there, I opened the question there because usually there is people earlier online.
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