[IronPython] Proposed Release Schedule for 2.7

Tomas Matousek Tomas.Matousek at microsoft.com
Sun Jan 30 21:37:27 CET 2011

I propose we sync IronRuby releases with IronPython as follows:

IronRuby - IronPython - date
1.1.2 - Beta 2 - February 6
none - RC1 - February 20
none - RC2 - February 27
1.1.3 - RTM - March 6


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I'd like to propose the following release schedule for IronPython 2.7:

Beta 2 - February 6
RC1 - February 20
RC2 - February 27
RTM - March 6

The need for a Beta 3 release could push those dates back by up to two weeks. Also, I may reevaluate based on the rate of bugs being fixed - if lots of fixes are coming in, delaying the release may be worthwhile. Obviously, any showstoppers would have an affect as while, but I don't believe there are any of those at the moment. The only current blocker for release is that the test suite does not pass 100%.
That will need to be sorted prior to RTM.

It's an aggressive schedule, but I think IronPython has gone too long without a release. I'm expecting there to be 2.7.x releases every 4-6 weeks if there are sufficient contributions (like new modules).

I want to get the 2.x series behind us so that work can begin on 3.2/3.3. Compatibility with 3.x is going to be much better than 2.x, and with most Python stuff needing porting effort anyway getting IronPython support will be easier. That's going to require some work in the innards, and I'm not sure too many people are familiar with those parts or IronPython yet.

I've already updated the version numbers to Beta 2 and fixed the installer bugs that prevented Beta 1 from installing over Alpha 1. At this point, the bugs that get fixed will probably be the ones that have patches, or at least solid repros, attached to them.

If you've got a bug that you think *must* be fixed, bring it up here.

Does anyone else think this is doable?

- Jeff
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