[Ironpython-users] importing third-party modules

Wolfgang Schmoller w.schmoller at gmx.de
Sun Jul 3 12:30:17 CEST 2011


I'm working on a site, where I need to work with python. I have managed to  
configure that, so that I can use python instead of Javascript. Now, I  
need to import a third-party module (nltk - http://www.nltk.org/). I  
installed it in the commandline-version of IronPython and am able to  
import it with ipy. But I can't import it in the web application. I have  
tried to work with sys.path.append("path\to\nltk"), but the module can't  
be found.

I use python via the <script>-tag.

Best regards
Wolfgang Schmoller

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