[Ironpython-users] importing third-party modules

Jimmy Schementi jschementi at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 17:19:08 CEST 2011

On Jul 3, 2011, at 9:32 AM, Dave Wald wrote:
> On 7/3/2011 5:30 AM, Wolfgang Schmoller wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm working on a site, where I need to work with python. I have managed to configure that, so that I can use python instead of Javascript. Now, I need to import a third-party module (nltk - http://www.nltk.org/). I installed it in the commandline-version of IronPython and am able to import it with ipy. But I can't import it in the web application. I have tried to work with sys.path.append("path\to\nltk"), but the module can't be found.
>> I use python via the <script>-tag.
>> Best regards
>> Wolfgang Schmoller
> Wolfgang,
> Sounds like a permissions issue under your web server, which I'm assuming is IIS. You didn't mention any implementation particulars.
> I would check that the account the process is running under has specific permissions on the NLTK install folder.
> I'm pretty sure that would cause an import error.
> Best,
> Dave

Wolfgang, sounds like you're referring to browser/silverlight scripting with IronPython? If so, take a look at the documentation: http://ironpython.net/browser/docs.html#zip-files; it shows how to make multi-file python modules available for import.

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