[Ironpython-users] Undesired Side Effects of sending digests to the list as emails

David Bagby Dave at MVCalypso.com
Sun Jul 3 17:25:18 CEST 2011

Hi List,

I've been reading the list for a couple of months as part of an effort 
to learn more about Iron Python.

I thought I'd speak up about the recent decision to start sending the 
list daily digest to the list (as an email)....
I rather dislike the side effect of this and wanted to explain why... 
turning this option on has created a recursive problem.

If a list subscriber gets the list content as individual emails, the 
digest is just one more email they get -

However, if you choose to get the list email as a daily digest (as I 
do), sending the digest as an email to the list causes the digest to be 
inserted into the daily digest email.... and that makes for a very hard 
to read digest.
It also effectively doubles content of the digest (as today's digest 
ends up including an email from yesterday which is all of the prior 
day's  digest). This is ugly enough when you get daily digests, I hate 
to think about what this would look like if one opted for weekly digests 
instead of daily (I don't remember if this list offers weekly digests, 
some other lists I subscribe to do).

When someone then replies to an email and does not trim the quoted 
reply... well, at that point the you have a pretty massive amount of 
text within which it is darn near impossible to find the "new" content.

Now think about trying to read that on a typical mobile device (as I 
often do on my android phone)..... one ends up having to scroll thru 
pages and pages of useless text.

The net effect for me is that this recent change to the list has made 
reading the list painful enough that I've found myself just deleting the 
list emails instead of reading them. :-(

So, just in case anyone is counting raised hands, mine is up for "please 
turn this digest is sent to the list option back off".


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