[Ironpython-users] Q: Protecting my source in an ASP.NET IronPython application possible?

Bernd Viehmann bernd.viehmann at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 20 13:57:04 CEST 2011


I am quit new here, so : My name is Bernd Viehmann, I live in Germany ( 
near the city Aachen by the German/Dutch border ) and I am a web 
developer interested in Iron Python.

I am just going to start a commercial ASP:NET application with Iron 
Python. I have planned to use ASP.NET 4.0 for the project.

My (first  question :-) ) Is there a way to hide my source code?

Normal the code-behind files for the web forms are readable for anyone 
with access to the server. Is there a way to pre-compile the .py files 
to make them unreadable in an ASP.NET application?

Or is there a solution like the code-obfuscater for C#?

Thanks for any help and kind regards


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