[Ironpython-users] Anybody in the Kansas City area?

Dave Wald davew252 at tx.rr.com
Sun Jul 24 06:19:17 CEST 2011

On 7/22/2011 1:44 PM, Chaim Krause wrote:
> I spend many of my days using pydev in eclipse on cpython development 
> for Windows.
> I'd like to get more efficient with the *tools*, practices and 
> idiosyncrasies of working with VS 2010, IronPython, and .NET.
> I find it frustrating, often screaming, "I know exactly how to do this 
> in eclipse. How the fsck do I do this in Visual Studio!", and would 
> like to get more proficient without having to wade through a tome on 
> VS, most likely aimed at C# programmers, just to get to the stuff I 
> need to know.
> So, I am offering beer and pizza (or the equivalent) to somebody in 
> the area that can meet for an afternoon and get me up to speed.
> At this point I'd just be happy to know if it is even in the realm of 
> the possible, let alone the probable.
> Thanks,
> Chaim
> Actually in Leavenworth, KS.
> P.S. How come the MS developer community hasn't embraced IRC like all 
> the other communities have?
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KS is just a bit out of my neighborhood (Dallas area), but I'd love to 
get with ya and tradeout - I could definally (yes, I did just coin that 
term) get you up to speed on VS and PythonTools and enough .Net to give 
you the heaves and you could get me up to speed on Eclipse.
I don't travel anymore, but If you happen to find yourself in the Dallas 
area just gimme a holler.
(BTW, what's a NJB like you doing in ... what?... Leavenworth, 
Kansas?... anyway? Vayzmir.)  ;-)


(Oh, about the IRC thing... Here's the deal.  All us real HARDcore MS 
devs like to suffer in silence.
WE don' need no steenkin' chat! Bad enough sending email - ugh.  I think 
it's genetic.)

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