[Ironpython-users] [IronPython] Intellisense with imported dlls

Vardeman, Andrew [CSSM] andrewv at iastate.edu
Thu Jul 28 21:45:22 CEST 2011

Hi.  I'm replying to a thread I saw from May that discussed adding DLLs from the project search paths to the list of DLLs to index for Intellisense.  This appears to be implemented in the most recent of PTVS, which I'm using.

My problem is that I'm developing C# classes and their Python subclasses in tandem.  I really want to be able to add my C# bin/Debug directory to the Python search path.  I can do this, and when I do, I get the Intellisense I want in Python-land, but something (the Intellisense indexer?) locks all the DLLs in that directory so they can't be overwritten when I try to build the C# library.  Are there any PTVS developers here who can say whether that can be easily fixed?  Does the indexer really need to lock those files?

Thanks in advance,


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