[Ironpython-users] dotNET object directory list similar to OS X's Finder

Lukáš Duběda loocas at duber.cz
Sat Jul 30 22:16:40 CEST 2011

Hi there everyone,

a simple question: is there a similar navigation control object in .NET
(even 3rd party) that'd provide a similar experience like those
OS X Finder directory lists that after selecting a folder slide to the
left while exposing the contents of the folder on the right.

Basically providing a left-to-right easy navigation so that the user
immediately see the contents of the selected folder, column by column.

Sorry for such a stupid descriptiong, but I'm currently unable to find
a single image of what I'm describing :D which might explain why
I can't find anything similar to this in .NET.

However, I'm certain even Qt has a similar directory navigation control
as well.

Does anybody know of such a control for .NET?

Thanks a lot in advance, cheers,

Lukáš Duběda
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duber studio(tm)
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