[IronPython] How to place static class in script name space

Tom Unger TomU at MITEM.com
Mon Jun 13 19:16:21 CEST 2011

I am using IronPython for scripting an application.  To make writing scripts
easier I want to place several objects in the script name space so they can
be easily used.  I got stuck with how to place a reference to a static
object, "App", in the name space.  This is probably a simple operation and
just don't know what it is.
1. Python import works:
            from AppFrame import App
gives the script access to the static fields and methods on App.
But I want to eliminate the need for each script to do that import by
setting up the scope with:
   scriptScope.SetVariable("App", App);

This does not compile because App is a static class, not an object.  
How does my hosing application place a reference to the static class in the
script's scope such that it can be used as if it was imported?
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