[Ironpython-users] High-priority 2.7.1 issues

Jeff Hardy jdhardy at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 19:43:23 CEST 2011

The following issues are ones I would like fixed for 2.7.1. I'm not
expecting all of them to be, of course, but as many as possible. If
there's something you want added to the list, or if you want one the
issues assigned to you, please reply to this message.

391 	Implement zipimport module
16658 	1.1.1: Creating an Int64 from a long loses precision
20023 	Implement pyexpat module
26852 	ssl IE gets disconnected after request, CPython doesn't.
4928 	binascii.b2a_qp is present but throws NotImplemented breaking
quopri standard module.
24735 	HAPI: PythonEngine does not release ScriptScopes in RC1
26177 	__getattr__ not called upon module import
26390 	IronPython release needs updated Silverlight directory
29077 	importing some modules (e.g.'import random') fails in
IronPython Interactive window
2169 	test_isinstance incompatibilities with CPython
18569 	Readme.html in IronPython 2.0B5 is not useful !
30119 	assertRaises ignores CLR exceptions
30274 	[2.7 Beta 2] deepcopy(time(9, 0)) != time(9, 0)
30290 	io.open after tempfile.mkstemp fails with bad file descriptor
30312 	sys.version_info should be namedtuple (or similar)
30386 	[2.7] set update raises NullReferenceException
30441 	str.format() Fails to Format an Empty Array of Processes
30698 	ctypes WINFUNCTYPE prototype fails with 'TypeError:
WinFunctionType() takes at most 2 arguments (3 given)'
30805 	pickling exceptions is incomplete; attributes get lost

You can access the query at http://bit.ly/ipy-271-blockers.

- Jeff

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