[Ironpython-users] IronPython 2.7.1 Beta coming this weekend

Markus Schaber m.schaber at 3s-software.com
Tue Jun 21 07:55:04 CEST 2011

Hi, Vernon,

Von: Vernon Cole

We Ubuntu users are still very inconvenienced by that quick "we don't build" answer. Thanks for fixing the builder so that I can _try_ to home-build a .NET 2 version.  After killing and reinstalling my Ubuntu system, I gave up trying to actually accomplish it. It requires installing a second version of Mono side-by-side with the supported version in order to do the build. But to do _that_ you have to home-build the newer version of Mono from source and ... [cough. sputter. Huh? ... Oh! ... Sorry! I'm back now...]
  I note that the IPy daily build script actually does build an appropriate version, but apparently the output gets thrown away. I would be very nice if it were put someplace where one could find it.
  Hopefully the next release of Ubuntu will have an upgraded .NET 4 compatible version of Mono, and this problem will go away. Until then, I still cannot use a current version of IronPython on my preferred workstation ... and therefore cannot do much IPy testing.  (I only use Windows when I must, or when someone pays me to.)

Maybe you can use Windows to build the .NET 2 compatible DLLs, and then use them under Mono?

Best Regards,
Markus Schaber

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