[IronPython] IronPython Hosting ?

Bill Dines wdines at longview.com
Tue Mar 1 16:04:18 CET 2011

Hi Bill and the IP community.

This is my first contribution to the mailing list so hello to all :).

I've been experimenting with hosted IronPython (and IronRuby) with
Silverlight for a while now.  It's not yet being used for real in our
companies products but may well be soon.  Here are my answers to your

* Briefly what are your goals for hosting
Our goal is to provide a way for technically competent users who aren't
programmers to easily create Silverlight (4) UI's using ironpython or
ironruby script and custom controls that we will provide.  The script
they write will extend the viewmodel for a control to do things like
provide input validation and to interact with our core product's API.
* What kind of host application do you have, or what is its main
Our host application provides a mechanism to load controls or pages and
execute their associated scripts 
* Briefly what are the key features of hosting that you count on or use
Currently its fairly simple.  We provide variables to the hosted code
from c# and also call methods that are defined in the hosted code from
c#.  So far the current capabilities of IP/IR are sufficient for us.

The IP tools for VS2010 is also something we are investigating.  

Like someone else has mentioned, lack of documentation is the main
problem I have encountered so far.


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I'm trying to gather information and concrete examples about IronPython
hosting.  I'll sift through some of the old email, but I'd super
appreciate if you could send me some info about hosting IronPython if
you're doing that.  The questions I'd have are:

 * Briefly what are your goals for hosting (e.g., app scripting for
users, biz rule execution, feature development of your app, etc.)?
 * What kind of host application do you have, or what is its main
 * Briefly what are the key features of hosting that you count on or use
(e.g., supplying host globals to the hosted IronPython code, accessing
IronPython variables, interop with the dynamic objects, namespace
isolation with scopes, multi-instanced ScriptRuntime in an AppDomain,

I really appreciate your time and responses!


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