[IronPython] Python Tools for Visual Studio

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Thu Mar 10 15:30:45 CET 2011

(I'll post this on my blog as soon as I can login into it, but it's been so long I'm having issues.  Anyway it seems appropriate for this alias as well):

Some people may have been wondering what I've been working on since IronPython was released into the wild and late last night we announced it - Python Tools for Visual Studio [http://pytools.codeplex.com/].  For me this was an awesome opportunity to continue work on a Python focused open source project at Microsoft. I'm particularly excited I can extend the work we did to support IronPython in Visual Studio and add in support for CPython and other Python implementations.  I'm also really happy to be able to continue work with the Python community.  

PTVS keeps all the features we had in IronPython Tools for VS and adds a bunch of new features.  For starters we add support for both REPLs and debugging in CPython and other Python implementations.  We also add profiling support for CPython, support for multiple language versions (2.5 through 3.2), and attach to process for CPython processes - both local and remote.  Meanwhile we still support all the features we had before including great intellisense and drag and drop GUI development for IronPython.

But we're also focusing on developing new features in a specific area - High Performance Computing.  For our first beta we've focused on enabling two different scenarios - batch computing via MPI and interactive computing via IPython.  For batch computing we support publishing to and running on the cluster via a simple "F5" scenario .  If you're not yet ready to run on the cluster you can do the same multi-process launch on the local machine.  For interactive development we are focusing on the bleeding edge of IPython (.11+) where the new architecture is designed from the ground up to support parallel computing and alternate REPL UIs.

If you're an IronPython user I encourage you to give the new tools a try - you'll first need to uninstall the tools feature in IronPython 2.7RC2 which you can do simply by re-running the MSI and choosing the change option.  If you're a CPython user I hope you'll also give it a try - you should find that it'll support your existing CPython installs for Python 2.5 through 3.2.  Thanks - I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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