[IronPython] 回复: Will IronPython work with ArcGis?

Cronin, Ted tcronin at asrclkrec.com
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ArcGIS arcpy needs cpython.  You can play with Ironclad with IronPython, but that doesn’t completely work with arcpy.  You can use IronPython with Silverlight and WPF API with IronPython, and don’t see why it wouldn’t work with ArcObjects.  You can also use cpython with comtypes and arcpy to get at the ArcObjects.

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if .net can use arcgis object , i think ironpython have the same function

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Im wondering if anyone has tried using IronPython to get from and manipulate ArcGis objects?

Is it possible?

Is it recommended, or should I look at using CPython?


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