[IronPython] PTVS question

Medcoff, Charles charles.medcoff at rcmt.com
Wed Mar 16 18:42:15 CET 2011

> Chuck wrote:
> > When developing/debugging with PTVS, how do I set the current working
> > directory to be the directory of my solution/project?  I have an
> > app.config I want used, and don't want to copy it to the IPY directory.
> For debugging/running?  By default it should be the directory of your
> solution/project.
[Medcoff, Charles] 

For both.  Just now I added an: "import os Print os.getcwd()" (don't know why that didn't dawn on me before) and it prints the solution/project directory.  Even so, somehow it ignores the app.config unless I drop it into the IPy dir.  This works, but its not ideal if one has apps with a different app.config.  Perhaps there is/should be a way to copy Ipy.exe to my project dir and get it to use the local copy of the app.config?

> Can you go into project properties and see if anything is overriding it in
> debug?

[Medcoff, Charles] 
Working directory is set to "."

> Also what does the debug tab say it's using for the launcher?  Maybe one of
> the launchers isn't properly setting the CWD.
[Medcoff, Charles] 

Its set to "IronPython (.NET) launcher.

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