[IronPython] Building IronPython/IronRuby for Mono?

Jeff Hardy jdhardy at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 16:19:24 CET 2011

On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 6:41 AM, Doug Blank <doug.blank at gmail.com> wrote:
> I went to Codeplex to see about updating Pyjama [1] to use the latest
> IronPython and IronRuby, but had some issues:
> 1) There are only two downloads for 2.7: msi and a zip of binaries.
> Shouldn't there be a zip of sources? Or a note how how to get them?

Yes, yes there should. D'oh.


It's fairly big, though, as it's just a package of the git repo. Is
there a ton of value in having smaller zip packages? The download
numbers on them have always been fairly low, so they were dropped for
2.7 in favour of github's automatic zip generation.

> 4) Tried "svn co
> https://IronPython.svn.codeplex.com/svn/IronPython_Main
> IronPython2.7"... but not sure what this is... it has *some* Ruby
> things. How do I build IronRuby and IronPython that use the same DLR
> parts?

The main source is now on https://github.com/ironlanguages/main. I'm
thinking of removing the source tab from CodePlex to avoid confusion,
if that's possible.

- Jeff

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