[IronPython] IronLanguages

Matthias nitro at dr-code.org
Tue Mar 29 12:34:10 CEST 2011


this question is not 100% targeted at IronPython, but I didn't know a  
better list to write to.

I've started writing a C# <-> javascript bridge. Unlike IronPython and  
IronRuby I don't want to write a javascript engine in .net, but rather use  
existing ones. I can already access C# classes from javascript and  
instance them. The opposite way turns out to be much harder for non-PODs.  

public class JSObject
     // has members like GetProperty/SetProperty which can act upon the  
javascript object

public class TestClass
     public string message = "This is a C# string";

public class TestApp
     public string testComplexObject(TestClass obj)
         return obj.message;

     public void runTest()
         JSObject jsObj = ...;
         string message = testComplexObject(jsObj);

The problem here is the "testComplexObject(jsObj)" call. Of course the  
jsObj cannot be converted directly to a TestClass, because it's an  
arbitrary javascript object.

I am wondering how IronPython solves this problem. I've read the sources a  
bit and it seems it makes use of IDynamicMetaObjectProvider etc. If  
JSObject provided IDynamicMetaObjectProvider, would it allow "converting"  
the jsObj to a TestClass obj? How?

It's not easy to find information on using the DLR for things like this on  
the net, so I've asked here. Apologies if I am off-topic.


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