[IronPython] Python Tools for Visual Studio now accepting contributions

Keith Rome rome at Wintellect.com
Wed May 11 22:27:50 CEST 2011

Please forgive my ignorance on this matter (I don't currently use any of the integrated VS functionality - have been working with embedding the runtime in an existing application), but what is the difference between "IronPython Tools" and "Python Tools for Visual Studio"? I was under the impression this was the same thing?

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Jeff wrote:
> This is excellent news.
> I think the plan should now be to deprecate the IronPython tools and 
> remove them from IronPython 3.0. They'll stay in future 2.7 releases, 
> but perhaps they should be disabled by default to make installing PTVS easier?

That sounds like a good idea to me and it should be a pretty simple change.

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