[Ironpython-users] PI files for WING IDE

C. Justin Mayers cjustinmayers at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 23:03:52 CET 2011

I am brand new to IronPython and have only been using Python for a little

I use the WING IDE and love it. I am trying to create PI files using the
generate_pi.py script that Michael Foord modified and has a link to on his
website (
http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ironpython/wing-how-to.shtml#introduction). I
am working on a 64-bit machine which apparently can lead to problems but I
have access to several 32-bit machines all with .NET 4.0. When I follow the
instructions I am able to generate a handful of pi files but they seem
incomplete. The generate_pi.py script only took 15 seconds to run and
produced 331 KB of data. I was under the impression that it should run much
longer and produce multiple MB of data.

Anybody have any thoughts? Maybe someone has another script or is willing
to send me a zipped copy of PI files that they generated. Thanks.

Cheers, CJ
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